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Genesis Through Joshua- Introduction: The Relevance of the Old Testament

A Problem: The OT appears to be irrelevant:
1) Historical discontinuities- differences between OT world and modern world
Technology, language, social structures, religious experiences (eg axe head floating on water, pillar of fire and cloud, fire consuming sacrifices)

2) Misunderstanding of the NT outlook on the OT
Mat 5v21-47:
V21- ‘you have heard it was said’ = Jesus is disagreeing with the OT
Jesus is not disagreeing with the OT He’s disagreeing with the Pharisees interpretation of the OT.

Romans 6v14: ‘not under law but under grace’
Misunderstanding: law = OT, grace = NT
Grace is NOT just the teachings of the NT

Rom 6v14 means that we are not under slavery to sin through the law or under the judgement the law brings. We’re not under the law as a taskmaster beating us deeper into sin. Our relationship with God is based on grace for OT and NT people.
Rom 4 =Paul proves justification by faith from the OT. He uses the OT to write the NT!

Romans 10v4: ‘Christ is the end of the law’
Not saying t…