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Biblical Theology 7: Biblical Theology of the Gospels 3

Biblical Theology of Jesus and the Gospels- Survey in Matthew Contd
Jesus is the new latter day Moses who leads Israel back to GodMatthew 8:1-4Jesus heals a leper like Moses didMatthew 8:4 'offer the gift Moses commanded'Moses is named identifying Jesus and MosesJesus quietens storms and does miracles over the sea like Moses doesThe beatitudes begin and end with the KingdomThe tone of the Lord's prayer is the KingdomThe kingdom never fully came in the gospels:Mat 3:2 'repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand'- or the Kingdom of heaven is nearMat 4:17 'repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand'the idea of nearness in the verses means that something has started but isn't fully in operationIs 9:2, 3, 6 'people who walked in darkness... you have multiplied the nation... for to us a child is born'Is 9 is quoted in Mat 4 to say that Jesus has begun to fulfill the prophecy. Is 9 is not yet completely fulfilled as the passage refers to subduing the …

Biblical Theology 6: Biblical Theology of the Gospels 2

Biblical Theology of Jesus and the Gospels- Survey in Matthew Contd
3:13-15What does it mean that Jesus must be baptised to fulfill all righteousness?Israel was baptised in the sea 1 Cor 10Baptism is a water ordeal- the flood resulted in Noah and his families blessing. The water meant vindication for Noah and his family and judegement for everyone elseIsrael went safely through the red sea, the Egyptians were judged 2nd generation Israel go trough the Jordan (Joshua 5:1)By getting baptised, Jesus is identifying with sinners. He is about to work all righteousness for us. By baptism Jesus is to be confirmed to be a light to the nations. Matt 3:9 Israel is tree that are about to be cut off. From 70AD blood Israelite's can't be traced as records were kept in the temple.3:16-17a dove comes down like the dove that arrives in the time of Noah1 Peter 3 links the flood with baptismIs 63:11-14Isaiah is talking about Israel being in exile. They rejected the Spirit who gave manna. Is 64 is…

Biblical Theology 5: Inaugurated Eschatology 5, Biblical Theology of the Gospels 1

The Son of Man in the gospels as a beginning fulfillment of the great tribulation prophecy in Daniel 7 Contd

Recap from last lecture
Daniel 7:1-14 picture a 'son of man' in a vision. In the interpretation from v15 there's no mention of the 'son of man' instead 'the Israelite saints rule in the Kingdom'. Conclusion: the son of man is corporate IsraelLuke 7:34-35 'the son of man has come' in an illusion to Dan 7:13 'there came one like a son of man'Jesus fulfills the Daniel 7 prophecy therefore he is the true IsraelHe fulfills the the pattern of Daniel 7: suffering (the great tribulation), trial, then gaining a KingdomThe son of man can also be interpreted as a individualThe church is the body of Christ and therefore will suffer their tribulation and persecution in order to gain a Kingdomselective suffering as Jesus had individual trialsuniversal suffering as Jesus body fully suffered on the cross (Rev 11:7-19, Rev 20:7-15)Three signs in the OT …

Biblical Theology 4: Inaugurated Eschatology 4

The Great Tribulation: when does it begin and what difference does it make? Contd

Links between 2 Thes 2 and 1 John 2:18
both develop what Daniel 7-12 says in the light of Jesus' teachings2 Thes 2 talks about a man of lawlessness that will be revealed in the end time. In John 'sin is lawlessness'both passages are set in an end time context Both contain deception2 Thes 2:4 is a clear illusion  to Daniel 11:36 2 Thes 2 Some thought the end had already come. Paul corrects in v3. The falling away comes first and the man of lawlessness needs to be revealedv4 'temple of God' is found ten times in the NT. Every time with one exception the phrase refers to a non-literal temple. The exception is when Christ talks about his body as a temple.The temple of God in Paul is always the church. The man of lawlessness will have substantial influence in the church of God.v3 the falling away (apostasy) comes in the church before the end and then the appearance of the end time opponent c…