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Biblical Theology 3: Inaugurated Eschatology 3

According to Beale, eschatology is the chord that pulls all the doctrines of scripture together. Eschatology makes sense of all other teaching. 
The use of the phrase 'latter days' in the NT inside of Paul
1 Cor 10:11-These thing happened as an example on whom the ends of the ages have come'The end of the ages have come on the CorinthiansGal 4:4 'but when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth his Son..'Eschatology can refer to the pastJesus is THE son who has perfectly fulfilled what a son should be. Adam was God's son (end of Luke 3). Eph 1:10 'making knownto us the mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and on earth'To sum up means to rule and organise it- Jesus will manage humanity like no-one else God's household is in disorder and Christ will come back and put it in orderNot just the future because v22 'he put all thi…

Biblical Theology 2: Inaugurated Eschatology 2

The use of the phrase 'latter days' in the NT outside of Paul

Acts 2:17- quoted in Joel 2. 'it will be in the last days'Spirit to be poured forthVisions, dreams, wonders, prophecyJoel 2:28 doesn't use 'latter days' but 'after this' Peter is interpreting Joel 2. He sees Joel as conceptually referring to the latter daysEnd of the world language is used when evil empires fallThe language points to the final end of the worldThe Jews would have thought that the beginning of the resurrection is occurring from the text. Paul talks about the resurrection of Christ being the start of the new creationWe are in the latter days due to the resurrection of Jesus. The end time prophecy's are starting to be fulfilledJesus resurrection is the beginning of the resurrection of Israel. When scripture says 'Pour out Spirit on all flesh' means all flesh in Israel. Hosea 6:2 'after two days he will revive us'. Jesus resurrection is Israel's resurrec…

Biblical Theology 1: Introduction and Inaugurated Eschatology 1

Purposes of the course:
to become more familiar with the relevant literature especially with respect to the different ways of doing theologyto show how interpreting the Bible relates to biblical theologyto understand the theological relationship between the OT and the NTto understand the NT theology of the kingdom, inaugurated, and the new creationInaugurated eschatology- already and not yet eschatology in the NT
The use of the term 'latter days' in the OT
Genesis 49v1 'days to come' ESV should be 'in the end of days' or 'end days'. Eschatology begins in the OT. Phrase refers to the tribes of Israel and their destiny. First time this phrase occurs. NASB has the phrase. v10 has been understood as a about the messiah for the Jews 'and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples'v22, 25-26 reference to fruitfulness of Joseph- prophecy of the new creationWe need to know Hebrew and Greek so that we don't miss key phrasesNumbers 24:14 &…