Genesis Through Joshua- Exodus: Worship under Moses

The Basic Content of 25-40:38
Tabernacle Instructions 25-31
Rebellion and Renewal 32-34
The tabernacle construction 34-40

Tabernacle Instructions
The tabernacle was patterned after something. Where did Moses get the idea to build a tabernacle in this way? God told him to. How did this happen? God gave him a vision of the heavenly tabernacle.
As Israelites worshipped on earth they reflected the heavenly worship.
The tabernacle was similar to some aspects of the cultural in the day.

1) The tabernacle layout
Larger court had bronze alter, basin.
Inner structure had a holy place and the most holy place or the holy of holies.
The inner sanctum is where the King would sit.
Courtyard where the Priests would work
Outer court.

It was a portable, movable place for the King of Israel.

2) The content legitimates Moses
The material in 25-31 was to show the Israelites that Moses was in legitimate authority
27:21, 28:43- lasting ordinances for generations to come. These things were not oly for the time of Moses.

29:44-45 the tabernacle brings the presence of God. Maintaining the tabernacle was a lot of trouble.

31:18 the giving of the 10 commandments was done in conjunction with the giving of the priestly instructions.

The Israelites should obey because these are commands that have been set down by God not only Moses. What God put in place carries on. We obey these commands through the fulfilment of Christ.

The Rebellion and Renewal

1) Rebellion and Punishment
Aaron and the people put together the golden calf. It illustrates a violation of Mosaic worship structures. God decides to destroy the Israelites. Moses acts as a mediator. God sends a punishment (32:15). Moses comes down hears the noise and rebukes the people (32:25). Moses goes up to the Lord in verse 30. He asks for forgiveness in verse 32. God promised to blot those from the book who have sinned.

God decides that He is not going to be present with the people. Moses pleads and God decides to go with them (32-34).
Sin brings the threat of destruction. Israel continues because of Moses’ intercession.

The tabernacle construction 34-40
1) Literary Structure
34 Sabbath Issued and discussed
35-39 Building materials, offerings, tabernacle, courtyard, priests being put in place
39 Inspection of these things, erection of the tabernacle and the final descent of glory.

Moses did exactly what God had constructed. 39:42-43 ‘Just as the Lord had commanded.’

40:36-38 whenever the cloud lifted they left the tabernacle.

When Israel followed Moses instructions for the tabernacle they were blessed. The second generation must do this as well.

2) Moses Legitimacy
God was with His people because Moses had followed God’s commands.
If the 2nd generation Israelites wanted the power and presence of God with them then they should follow God’s commands.

3) Our meaningWe worship God as Christ has instructed pre-figured in Moses. We lose the blessing of God when we fail to worship according to Christ’s way.


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