Genesis Through Joshua- Genesis: Jacob's Life and Israel's Hope

We are going to continue in the Patriarchal History (Genesis 11:10-36:43).

Abraham’s Life 11:10-25:18
Jacob’s Life 25:19-36:43

Isaac’s life does not have a separate section. His life is combined in these sections as Abraham’s Son and Jacob’s Dad.

Typical Concerns
Jacob’s ladder
Jacob’s deceit
Jacob’s personality- he doesn’t seem to be a good by
Jacob’s wrestling with God

Literary Structure
Jacob and Esau
Jacob with Laben
Jacob with Esau

Jacob and Esau: The Names and the Nations
(Genesis 25 and 35:16-36:43)

Pre-natal struggle-25:21
Rebekah has twins who are fighting inside.
25:23- two nations are in Rebekah’s womb- the older shall serve the younger.

Descendants of:
Jacob =Israel
Esau = the Edomites
Jacob means trickster or deceiver.
Esau means hairy or red.

25:27-34 The selling of the birthright
Esau was the expected air as the first-born son.
25:33 Esau swears an oath selling his birthright.
The Israelites have a right to the inheritance because he gave it over by oath.
The Edomites lost their birthright by legal oath. Esau despised his birthright.

Jacob represents the 12 tribes of Israel.
36:43 the descendants of Esau are the Edomites.

Israel was instructed to live at peace with the Edomites (as with the Moabites) because they were cousins.

Conflict and Reconciliation between Jacob and Israel
1) Conflict
26:34 Esau’s wives and failures. His wives caused grief to Isaac and Rebekah.
Jacob gains his inheritance by deceit. The Israelites should be humble to the Edomites.

Jacob flees Esau and finds a wife within Israel. Israel is the pure line.

Esau intermarries with Ishmaelites and Canaanites (28:6-9).

28:10-22 God promises Esau the promises and thus the Israelites receive the promises.

2) Reconciliation
32: Jacob fears and prays with humility
32:7-12 Jacob divides the people into two groups in fear of the Edomites.
Jacob realises how undeserving he is.
32:20 Jacob acts with kindness.

Jacob admits his name to God as a deceiver when wrestling with Him.
God gives Jacob a new name ‘Israel’ meaning the one who struggles with God.
Names characterise the people.

33:12-17 Jacob leaves Esau behind. There is reconciliation but no lasting unity as they move onto Canaan.

The Foreign Conflict: Jacob’s blessing and Isaac’s blessing
Isaac’s blessing 26:1-33
The inheritance belongs to Isaac. God gave the inheritance to Isaac.
Isaac was the father of Jacob.

The Message for the Israelites
Don’t worry the land is yours!


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