Genesis Through Joshua- Genesis: Joseph's Life and Israel's Hope

We have already seen:

1) Primeval History: 1-11:9

2) Patriarchal Times including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob: 11:10-36:43
Now we look at the Life and times of Joseph (37-50)

The Basic Overview
1) Literary Structure
Joseph and his brother struggle about the future (dream, Joseph being sold)
Joseph’s rise in Egypt
Joseph and his brother are at peace about the future
Jacob’s death
Joseph’s death

2) Intra-tribal relations
The Joseph stories teach the tribes of Israel how to relate to each other.

3) Disunity and Egypt
Joseph and his brother’s struggle, Joseph gets sold to Egypt. These brothers are the heads of the tribes of Israel. Joseph is a proud guy.

When in Egypt the dreams of Joseph become true. The brothers start to understand why bad things happen to them. They repent and have humility.
44:16-34 shows us that the brothers had guilt.
V16- God uncovered the guilt.

The brothers have violated the law-they need reconciliation.
45:4 ‘Come near to me’ says Joseph to his brothers.

In chapter 50 Jacob dies. The brothers are worried that the reconciliation might end.
They Joseph might pay them back.
50:20 = God meant everything for his good! Joseph is an example of humility, love and unity.

This message is suitable for today. We need unity within the tribes in the church (denominations) with need to show kindness and unity.

The Blessings of the Tribes
Duet 33:1-29 lists blessings and roles for the tribes to have.
48:1-22 Joseph is honoured as the first-born as a result his Son’s (Manasseh and Ephraim) were treated as equal to all the other tribes of Israel.

Chapter 49 describes the other sons of Joseph and their prophetic blessings.

1) Joseph’s Special Role
Jospeh is a proud brat
He shows himself to be morally pure
He is blessed because God is with him
He is used for revelation
He is loving and forgiving
He is an exemplary Wiseman
He has confidence that the Israelites will be in the land of promise

Joseph starts off as a negative character and then turns into a positive character.

2) What about Judah?
He has many positive attributes.

Judah has a leading role in the future. Judah is the tribe that gives birth from Judah.
Joseph and Judah are the honoured tribes among the Israelites.

Israel’s Hope for Canaan
Jacob died and was buried in the land of promise. The Israelites turn back to Egypt.

In Chapter 50:24-25 we see the last words spoken by Joseph. He is speaking about how God will bring the Patriarchs to the land of promise. Moses is telling the Israelites that they must move forward to the Promised Land.

End of Genesis!

All of Genesis taught Israel to leave Egypt and pursue victory in Canaan.


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