Genesis Through Joshua- Genesis: The Corruption of Cosmic Order

2 Cor 5:17- becoming a Christian is being remade back into the original cosmic order
Hebrews 4:9- there is a Sabbath rest for the people of God

Therefore Genesis 1 is not just about the creation then. It’s about our new nature now and what we have to look forward to in the new creation! Genesis 1 teaches us about salvation. The passage wasn’t only intended to instruct about history, it is meant to teach about today and the future!

Overview: 2nd part of the Primeval Period
Expulsion from paradise 2-3
Corruption of paradise 4-6:8

Moses looks at Egypt as a place of curse. He saw the movement toward Canaan as a place of blessing and rest.

1) Expulsion from Paradise: Chapters 2-3
Answers questions about marriage, death, hardness of life, the root of evil.
These questions are not going to be answered by using the Literary analysis.

(A) Literary Structure
Beginning: Man is commissioned to cultivate the garden
End: Expulsion from the garden

V18-25 Conditions get better with the birth of woman
Adam and Eve violate their commission and hence God
They want knowledge like God

God curses them both and expels them
Their sin brings great shame
3:21 God deals with the shame by covering them

(B) What’s the Original Meaning?
The garden is the garden of God, the place of the King who rules the universe.
The garden is described as a plenteous place
Adam and Eve are given rest in the garden

Kings in the time of the Israelites had great gardens. Only Kings were allowed to eat from the garden. But in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve are allowed to eat from all but one of the trees.

Eden is compared to Canaan. Moses is saying: ‘I’m trying to take you to place where God intends you to be. That is Canaan.’
The ideal of Eden contrasts with Egypt.

Violation brought Adam and Eve out of the garden.
Disobedience to the law brings fear, judgment and shame.
Moses reminds the Israelites through Genesis 2 and 3 that it’s not blessed to disobey.

Man is cursed with toil and labour. This is paralleled with the slavery experienced in Egypt.

2) Corruption of Paradise: Humanity Under the Curse chapters 4-6:8
(A) Literary Structure
(i) Cain murders Abel
(ii) Cain’s genealogy
(iii)Seth replaces Abel
(iv)Seth’s genealogy
(v) Closure Story (6:1-8)

(i) Cain murders Abel
They have different social roles:
Cain is an agriculturalist. Abel is a shepherd.

Abel’s sacrifice was accepted. Cain’s sacrifice was not accepted.
Cain murders Abel.
Cain cries out in mercy.
God puts a mark (not a curse) on Cain (4:9-15) to protect him.

4:16 = Cain lives protected by God even though he’s a murderer. The faithful one is not protected.
Cain becomes a city builder.

(B)(i) Original Meaning
Egyptians and Israelites
Gen 46:34 = All shepherds are detestable to the Egyptians.
Abel = Shepherd. Israelites are the faithful to God.
Cain is like Egypt. Life in Egypt is like Cain killing the faithful. It’s unfair.
Cain is murderous and protected. The Egyptians killed and prospered because of their wickedness.
Moses is saying: ‘the murder of Cain is like the persecution you experience in Egypt. The ideal is gone when you leave paradise.’

(iii) 4:25-26
Seth is born. At that time men started to call on the name of the Lord.

Exodus 3:7 = the people cry out to the Lord because of suffering.
The Sethite’s start to cry out to God because of the murder of Abel

(ii) Cain’s genealogy
Why are the genealogies written?
Cain and Seth both have an Enoch.
4:17 = Cain’s Son Enoch is named after the city.
The Egyptians named cities after themselves.

4:23-24 = Lamech is saying that God will protect him for unjust murder.
The Cainites are delighting in their murders. Just like the Egyptians did.

4:20-22 Adah bring increasing sophistication and increasing evil.

(iv) Seth’s genealogy
This Enoch walked with God (5:24)
This Lamech (5:28) had a son called Noah. Brought a son that brought comfort.

Cainites = Increasing Sophistication and wickedness
Sethites = Increasing love for God, had humble words, brought deliverance and rest.

Moses was born to bring deliverance for the people of God.
Meaning: Moses is a Sethite in nature; follow him!

(v) 6:1-8
Sons of God = Royalty
The royalty force themselves on peasant women bringing corruption.
Their sin grieves God so much that He vows to wipe out mankind apart from Noah.

Moses is saying: ‘God will judge those who have oppressed (the Egyptians) and He will spare the righteous.’

NT Elaboration
We as Christians must eave the world as it is corrupt and God will judge it. We need to move on and embrace the paradise God has for us! Amen!!

‘Oh how I love Your law it is my meditation day and night’ :-)


Hughbo said…
"The Gap Theory states that there is a time gap between Genesis 1v1 and Genesis 1v2"

Yeh, but what does the Bible say...? You've just added an external theory to the text to justify the inconsistency between 'science' and a 'literal' reading of the Bible...

How is that a better theory than treating Genesis 1-2 as a song, allegory etc. ?


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