Genesis Through Joshua- Dueteronomy: The Ratification and Succession

27-30 The Ratification of the Covenant
31-34 The Succession from Moses to Joshua

The Ratification of the Covenant (27-30)
27:1-26 deals with the future ratification to happen in Canaan
28-30 deals with the current ratification at Moab

Chapter 27 tells us that Israel is to have a covenant renewal ceremony after entering the land.
Certain tribes line up on one side and the other tribes on the opposite side. In the middle the levitical priest attends the ark.

The building of the alter for the sacrifice
The law was to be written on stones
The people remind themselves of the blessings and curses.

The process is fulfilled in Joshua 8.

Chapter 29 starts with a prologue reminding the people of their history.
Then we see an emphasis on stipulations and careful obedience.
(29:15 = this ratification is a model to come)
If the people continue in sin they will be exiled.
30:1 there can be restoration after exile if the people repent.

30:11-19 = An exhortation to accept the terms of the covenant.
The obedience is not too hard with God’s help. In Romans 10:8-10 Paul paraphrases this passage. The makes the point that the OT gospel is the NT gospel. It is not too difficult for us to continue in the gospel.

The Succession from Moses to Joshua (31-34)
Preparations fro Joshua
Deposition of the law
1) Moses song
2) Moses final blessing on the tribes
3) Moses death and the transfer of power to Joshua

1) Moses Song
The Lord tells Moses that Israel will rebel against his ways in the future.
31:21- Moses teaches a song to keep them in obedience. The song is found in chapter 32:1-43.
There is a severing sentencing of Israel (32:1-33) and a future of hope from God (32:34-43).
32:46 – ‘take to heart these words. They are your life.’

2) Moses blessing on the tribes of Israel (33)
Chapter 33 lists the promised blessings and gifts for the tribes.
The chapter ends with the praise of God 33:26-29.

3) The Transfer of Power to Joshua
Moses dies 34:1-8.
34:9 Joshua is filled with the Spirit of wisdom through the laying on of hands.
34:10-12 gives praise to Moses as a unique prophet- he saw God face to face.


Just as Israel renewed their covenant in Moab the people in Canaan must also renew the covenant. Christians must renew their covenant with the Lord by confession, repentance and obedience. The church stands on the foundation of the Pentateuch. Jesus re-affirms these first five books of the Bible. We must study, love and obey them.


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