Judges through Poets- 9b Elisha contd and King Josiah

Elisha Contd
Evil Kings during Elisha’s time:

Ahab 1 Kings 16:30
Ahaziah 1 Kings 22:52-53
Jehoram 2 Kings 3:2-3
Jehu 2 Kings 10:31
Joash 2 Kings 13:2
Jehoash 2 Kings 13:11

There is a great spiritual famine during the time of Elisha.
Elisha was granted the ability to perform miracles to fight the great apostasy.

The typology in 2 Kings 4 is predictive. Meaning it points to a greater climax.
See Matthew 14:14-21 (John 6)

Both stories contain a crowd of hungry people
A few loaves are a principle part of both meal. In John 6 John says that the loaves are made of barley same as the loaves in the story of Elisha.
Elisha and Jesus the same wording: ‘Give them that they may eat’
John 6:7- in both stories an objection is made.

Jesus’ feeding of the multitudes was modelled on Elisha’s miracle.
Jesus and Elsiah were both bringing sustenance to a spiritually ravished land.
Jesus’ miracle was greater than Elisha’s. Jesus doesn’t say ‘thus say YHWH’ He does it with His own power because He is YWHW.

Israel and Judah
1) Northern Kingdom- Isaiah
930 BC-721 BC
Ten tribes.
Jeroboam is the first King of the north is the paradigm of wickedness and evil.
The north was destroyed in 721BC by the Assyrians- the population was deported.

2) Southern Kingdom- Judah
930BC- 586BC
Lasted 135 years longer
The southern Kings are good like David (1 Kings 15:11).
The South was destroyed in 586BC by the Babylonians


Reigned for 31 years: 640-609BC
Birth and death: 2 Kings 23
3 main aspects to his Kingship
1) He attempted to free Judah form Assyrian control.
2) Wanted to remove pagan elements from Judah’s worship
3) Josiah attempts to integrate Israel and Judah
Josiahs teriority: 2 Kings 23:8 ‘from Geba to Beersheba’
Beersheba was 11 miles north of Jerusalem
Josiah implemented his policies into the north (2 Kings 23:19, 2 Chronicles 34:6-7)
Died in the north 609 BC

Josiah’s reformation 2 Kings 23
Destroys idols in the land
Gets rid of wrong high priests and prostitutes
Destroys the high places

2 Kings 23:16-20 – Josiah purges Canaanite practises out of the land
2 Chronicles 34:5 – destroys the bones of the Pagan priests


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