Judges through Poets 11b- Poetry contd and Job

Personification occurs when human characteristics are attributed to anything non-human.

Psalm 98:8 ‘let the rivers clap their hands’
Psalm 93:3‘the floods have lifted up their voice’

This occurs when a writer attributes human characteristics to God.

‘Incline your ear to me’
These figures of speech help us to understand who God is.

Figures of Substitution

When word is substituted for another because of some relationship between the two words.

When the relationship of the two words entails the part of the whole.
Eg Do you have any wheels?
The part of the car is a figure for the whole car.

Psalm 132:15 ‘I will satisfy her needy with bread’
Bread represents needs in general

Psalm 44:6 ‘I will not trust in my bow nor will my sword save me.’
Meaning: Human/temporal strength will not save me

An attributive word is used for what is actually meant.

Eg Joe is addicted to the bottle
Joe is not addicted to the actual bottle but rather the substance of the bottle.

Psalm 128:2 ‘When you shall eat of the labour of your hands’
Psalm 5:9 ‘They flatter with their tongue’
They actually flatter with speech that comes forth from the tongue

2 types:
1) Verbal irony: You use a word in such a way that it conveys the opposite meaning of a word.
Eg ‘it is sweet to die for ones country’

2) Dramatic Irony: the force of a person’s actions result in the opposite of his/her intentions

Eg 2 Chron 26- King Uzziah desecrates the temple making it unholy. He gets leprosy and is made unholy.
Psalm 37:15 ‘Their sword will enter their own hearts’

This is exaggeration of an intending meaning.

Eg I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.
Psalm 73:7 ‘Their eyes bulges from fatness.’

1:1 – description of Job’s character
He was blameless. All men sin and all men are guilty. So what does blameless mean? The word literally means that Job was a man of integrity. He was also an upright man. This means Job acted consistently and with honesty.
Job feared God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. The word for fear in Hebrew is reverence or awe that leads to obedience.

1:2-4 – Job was blessed materially
Job had seven sons and three daughters. More sons than daughters is seen as a blessing from the Lord. He also had material possession. Job’s wife is missing from this list. She appears in 2:9 saying ‘curse God and die’.
Job had harmony in his family as they feasted together (v4).

1:6-12 – The Heavenly Counsel


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